Using fascinating accounts from the always intriguing--if somewhat misunderstood-- world of spying, History is a Hoot introduces your audiences to the men and women who shaped America and history while serving in the shadows.

Actual spycraft--such as agent cameras, communications gear, caltrops, and the ever-popular "doggie-doo" transmitter--highlight programs that focus on an array of espionage-related themes like Operation: Cold War, Leadership Lessons from the World of Espionage, Clandestine Women, and more.
Spy Programs

Linda McCarthy, espionology expert and 24-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, will deliver a presentation sure to be talked about for a long time.
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NPR Radio Interviews
Men and women who shaped America and history while serving in the shadows.
So respected and feared by the Germans that they tried repeatedly to capture the spy with the wooden leg.
Video Clips
NPR Radio Interviews
NPR's lively interview with
guest curator of an exhibit for the National Women's History Museum.
(Click to read the interview transcript.)
WAMU's The Kojo Nmamdi Show.

Most programs support several Virginia SOL curriculum areas. Click on a program and look for the school bus.
SOL School Bus. Our Programs support several areas.
When Baseball Went to War
Baseball in theMilitary--America's Pasttime Goes to War
Declassified Documents
Stars and Stripes Baseball in the Military Special Issue
Compelling and unforgettable stories of ballplayers including Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio,
Jerry Coleman, Bob Feller, Lou Brissie, Johnny Pesky, Moe Berg, and others.
Linda McCarthy contributed the Moe Berg chapter. Publisher: Triumph Books.
A special Stars and Stripes issue about extraordinary patriots who left baseball to defend their country. Included is major leaguer turned spy Moe Berg by Linda McCarthy.
Declassified OSS documents have been released, identifying a vast spy network of military and civilian operatives who formed the first centralized intelligence effort by the United States. 
Face it -- there’s a little “spy” in all of us.
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VIP Leadership:
Lessons of
Inspiration &
Linda McCarthy talks about espionage
Virginia Hall: America's Greatest Female Spy
Speaker Biography
VIP Leadership: Lessons of Vision, Inspiration and Perservance
VIP Leadership: Lessons in Vision, Inspiration & Perservance
Espionage Progams for your organization
Espionage Progams for your organization
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