and television careers, but you may not know how luminaries such as director John Ford, actor Sterling Hayden, and chef Julia Child served with distinction and pride as members of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the Second World War.

Along with other "celebrity spies" who brought their talent and patriotism to the shadowy world of espionage, these individuals eagerly answered America's call to arms.

Despite a lifetime of professional accomplishments, the majority of these men and women considered their OSS exploits to be some of the most thrilling and important undertakings. Their stories will surprise and inspire you.
ou know them from popular film, literary,
His film credits number nearly 60 major motion pictures, including the highly acclaimed 1964 Cold War-era satire "Dr. Strangelove," considered by critics and historians to be one of the 10 best movies of all time.

When he joined the Office of Strategic Services at the suggestion of one of William Donovan's sons, Sterling Hayden was already a seasoned Hollywood veteran. So problematic did Hayden find his celebrity status after he had volunteered for military duty that he legally changed his name to John Hamilton.
Actor Sterling Hayden
Actor Sterling Hayden
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Marlene Dietrich was awarded the Medal of Freedom for her work with the OSS
When the famed singer was asked by the OSS to record popular American songs in German for propaganda broadcasts to Nazi Germany, she readily agreed. For her efforts, “Lili” Marlene was awarded the Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor.
Entertainer Marlene Dietrich
Entertainer Marlene Dietrich
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