Christmas Tree Caltrop
Tradcraft is a term for methods and tools used by spies.
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Linda McCarthy is the founding curator of the CIA Museum at CIA Headquarters. She gives audiences the opportunity to see actual items of tradecraft from her own special collection. Many of these rare "spy gadgets" were used in the field by undercover operatives.
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Christmas Tree Caltrop, part of the History is a Hoot collection of artifacts.
Christmas Tree Caltrop
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"Spy toys" from the "world's second-oldest profession. A presentation like no other... it's the something different you may be looking for.
Minox Camera, part of the History is a Hoot collection of artifacts.
Minox Camera
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With the top-secret Venona program, US codebreakers were able to decrypt Soviet diplomatic traffic for almost 40 years.

Many of the translations proved KGB operatives had penetrated various departments of the federal government, including the White House.
Have you ever wondered what spies really use on their secret missions? Oftentimes these tools of the spy trade resemble those created by "Q" for James Bond. Sometimes they don't.

Authentic espionage devices highlight our
Operation: SpyCraft program -- from caltrops to cameras and so much more. Audiences are fascinated by seeing first hand the actual items of tradecraft ("spyspeak" for the gadgets agents use to conduct missions), many of which were used by undercover operatives.
Tradecraft - a term for the various methods and tools used by intelligence organizations around the globe to gather information and manage clandestine operations.
True Accounts of Spies and Covert Missions with Actual Tradecraft
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