Lessons of Vision, Inspiration, & Perseverance from the World of Espionage
Traits of the Greats
Lead Like Your Life Depends on It
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3 VIP Programs
VIP Leadership Lessons from
the Office of Strategic Services

VIP Leadership Lessons from America's Clandestine Women

-Dr. Brenda K. Findley,
Associate Vice President of Administration Director of Human Resources,
North Georgia College & State University

"Ms. McCarthy's [VIP Leadership] presentation was so lively and interesting that we talked about it for the duration of our three-day conference. We were particularly impressed with her ability to move seamlessly from fascinating tales of historical espionage to human resources topics that are relevant in today's world....[Ms.McCarthy]set a standard that will be hard to match at our future conferences."
2 VIP Programs
Recounting the energizing stories of America’s “spy heroes” over the past two decades before audiences nationwide, Linda McCarthy came to understand the core values and traits that propelled these men and women to greatness: their vision, their ability to inspire and be inspired, and their dogged perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable and usually dangerous odds.

From their legacy, Linda created her VIP Leadership programs to share with current and future leaders representing all walks of life.

These two unforgettable journeys are punctuated with visually rich PowerPoint slides and original espionage artifacts.
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