The Office of Strategic Services, America's First Spy Agency
Highlights of OSS, America's first spy agency.
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Discover how America essentially created an intelligence service overnight during World War II and the ultimate effect that agency had on the war's conduct and outcome.

Highlights include declassified OSS missions and some of the personalities, such as future "French Chef" Julia Child, who helped orchestrate them.

Always a favorite: unique items of tradecraft--spy gadgets--produced by and for the OSS.
Oh So Secret, Oh So Special...The Office of Strategic Services was all of these things...and more!
"We were so thrilled to have Linda speak at several events at Prince William Forest Park. The park served as a important training site for the Office of Strategic Services. Linda's knowledge of and enthusiasm for espionage history helped bring this important piece of history to life for both our visitors and employees."
Kate Richardson
Assistant Superintendent
Prince William Forest Park,
National Park Service
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Created and lead by one of the great visionaries of the 20th century, Major General William J. Donovan, the OSS provided America and her Allies with an unstoppable and reliable stream of intelligence during World War II.

Men and women from diverse social backgrounds, cultural identities, and political persuasions eagerly enlisted in what became known as “Donovan’s Army.” Many were handpicked for the special service by the General himself. All, like Donovan, were “thinking outside the box” long before the phrase became popular.

They had no choice...the very survival of the United States and free countries everywhere depended upon it.