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Discover how efforts to trick, confuse, and deceive our enemies took on a large role in World War I, helping to win the war against the Central Powers.

See why during World War II deception evolved into an art and science.

View amazing archival photos and original artifacts.

Learn about the importance of the phony force --FUSAG-- "commanded" by Gen. George S. Patton.

Meet the masters of deception who made it happen.
Spying, Trickery, and Deception
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brought their considerable talents to the effort, designing strange painted patterns that, when applied to merchant and navy ships in particular, helped thwart the devastation caused by German U-boats.

Two decades later during the next global conflict, deception techniques evolved into highly sophisticated undertakings that included fake towns and inflatable tanks, airplanes, landing craft and yes, soldiers. Many of these specially designed inflatables were engineered by America's rubber companies as part of their contribution to the war effort.
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