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Cold War
Spycraft from the "Hot" Cold War
uch is made about a new cold war and
its impact on our daily lives, from threats of terrorism to global competition for natural resources, especially oil and water.

Discover something about the first cold war—the one that started it all—in this fascinating look at that historic 50-year period, featuring artifacts from our private collection.

Rare objects from spy cameras to civil defense kits illustrate a time not too long ago when the world lived on the edge of a nuclear abyss, with enemies around every corner.

Kind of like today.
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Nike Missle Site, Lorton, Virginia
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Nuclear Blast Patch
Cuban Missile Crisis

U-2 incident

America’s first satellite
system, codenamed Corona

US codebreaking project     
targeting Soviet diplomatic  
traffic, codenamed Venona

Selected "James Bonds" who 
came to characterize the period

The Berlin Tunnel

Korea and Vietnam

Civil Defense and the home front