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The hammer and sickle is a part of communist symbolism.
Getting the
Message Through
Ingenious Ways Devised to Convey, Compromise, and Encrypt Messages
Cell phones...the Internet...any 21st Century information exchange is used almost by habit. Much of the initial research and development for the devices we rely on today was originally undertaken for classified government projects.
From pigeons to predators, communications when things get messy.
We bring artifacts with all of our programs !
"Getting the Message Through" sends you on a journey that includes Thomas Jefferson's 19th-century encoding system and the immense contributions of the Father of American SIGINT, Albert J. Myer during the Civil War, to the technological (and not so technological) SIGINT of World Wars I and II, to modern satellite telecommunications and UAVs of the post 9-11 world.
Did you know...
Did you know that the historic Prince William Forest Park (Triangle, VA) cabins used to train OSS commo personnel and covert agents can be rented by the public?
The Ancients and Early Americans
The beginnings of communications (“commo”), SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), disinformation (intentionally transmitting false data to confuse or thwart an enemy), and encoding techniques, from ancient times through the American Revolution.

Lookout and Flags - The Civil War
The American Civil War witnessed unparalleled advances in American technology, including manual and electrical communications delivery systems.

The Great War - World War I
It was supposed to be the War to End All Wars. Discover the impact of expanding communications technologies (many emanating from the Civil War), and how SIGINT shortcomings contributed to higher battle casualties across Europe.

The Wizard War - World War II
Dubbed the “Wizard War” because of electronic innovations-especially communications and SIGINT technologies-that enhanced the overall effectiveness of Allied operations during World War II. Today, this concept is referred to as a force multiplier.

Cold War I and Cold War II
Following the Allied victory in World War II, advancing SIGINT capabilities were employed in another war, the “cold” one between the United States and the Soviet Union. A “new cold war,” driven by a growing competition for the Earth’s limited petroleum and water reserves, has evolved since the fall of the communist Russia and the Berlin Wall.

Power Pigeons: Communications
When the Lines Were Cut

Pigeons throughout history, especially during wartime, have played an important role and even earned medals for their heroic service.

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