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Espionage expert, Linda McCarthy.
is credited with the creation of the CIA Museum, a collection of espionage memorabilia located in the secured Agency Headquarters building in Langley, Virginia. This multi-dimensional espionage museum set the stage for similar publicly accessible attractions.

During her tenure as CIA spokesperson and Founding Curator, she received many awards, including an “Emmy” for “outstanding research” from NBC News for her work on a two-part story about the professional baseball player turned spy, Morris “Moe” Berg, that aired in 1992.
Linda McCarthy
Talks about Espionage
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24-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, Linda McCarthy
In addition, Linda has served as a consultant to numerous museum initiatives. She curated a first of its kind exhibit about female spies for the National Women’s History Museum. The popular display was featured in the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery for nearly a year. While plans for the International Spy Museum were unfolding, she worked as one of the first consultants to the project. For six years, Linda volunteered on the Board of Directors of The Cold War Museum, which located to Vint Hill, Virginia, in late 2009.
Winner of the
3rd Annual
Anne D. Snyder Award
for heroism in the
struggle to preserve
our nation's
Civil War
Please note: The CIA Museum is not open to the public.
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In 2000, Linda was interviewed extensively on-camera for the hour-long piece that ESPN produced about Moe Berg for its “SportsCentury” series. Recently, she collaborated on a major documentary film focusing on the enigmatic ballplayer that is scheduled for release at a future date.
Shortly after retiring from CIA, Linda wrote and published a book based on her experiences managing the Agency’s museum titled Spies, Pop Flies, and French Fries: Stories I Told My Favorite Visitors to the CIA Exhibit Center. In 2008, she was selected to contribute an essay on Moe Berg for the compilation book, When Baseball Went to War. Produced in cooperation with the National WWII Museum, the hardback was named a Book of the Month Club, History Book Club, and Military Book Club selection.
Over the past decade, Linda has been involved in a variety of undertakings focusing on history and the history of espionage. She has been a featured speaker at educational symposia sponsored by institutions such as the Smithsonian, the National Archives, and the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, New York, as well as various association, university, and corporate events.